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"There are numerous children, single mothers, and jobless men who suffer from eating foods that have no true nourishment or simply is not healthy. When you sow your best today. You change the unhealthy conditions that many faces. YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW."


"Virtue comes when we sow seeds of love to those who suffer lack." 

- G.I. Adams, Founder/Owner

1. On Our Website

You can help fight the issue of unhealthy food consumption by the less fortunate; by providing tax-deductible gifts to Art of Virtue, an easy way to make a difference. 

Your donation assists us in planting vegetables and fruits so that the less fortunate could have healthy alternatives instead of trash or unhealthy foods.

2. Monetary Gifts 

In the form of cash, checks, or cashier checks allow us to receive your full donation. No feeds to third parties ensure that 100% of your donation is received and used to help the less fortunate. Your cash gift may be made in memory or honor of our beloved children, single mothers, displaced families, and men who have suffered job loss. Checks payable to Art of Virtue LLC.

3. Other online apps

Technology has advanced and sending donations have become easier.



Virtue in Community

It is our goal to impact underserved communities with community revitalization projects, sowing seeds to reap healthy harvests--spreading virtue -- giving to those who are less fortunate, and  creating a space for art and nature to thrive in community.

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